According to a new survey conducted by PEMCO Insurance, most of think we do very well driving through roundabouts. It's the OTHER drivers who don't seem to know how.

The survey, which questioned hundreds of PEMCO customers across Washington state, found 76 percent believe they do a very good job of driving through the traffic circles.

However, those 64% of those same drivers say it's others who commit errors and don't seem to know proper rules for getting through them. Hmmm. So we're perfect, it's everyone else who's wrong?

Roundabouts do work through. According to statistics from the Washington State Department of Transportation, roundabouts have reduced the number of fatalities by 90% compared to traditional traffic stopping devices, especially four way stops.

The studies compared traffic accident and fatality rates at a wide variety of intersections before and after they were converted to roundabouts.

The people we see who have the most trouble negotiating them are usually impaired. They have a bad habit of trying to go straight through, instead of around the curve.

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