A 40-year-old suspect is in custody after allegedly slamming the head of a female acquaintance with a wooden club-like object. He then threw her belongings onto a pile of pallets at a business and lit them one fire.

The call came in around 6:30AM Monday morning, Police responded to the area by Western Materials on the 300 block of South 5th. Upon arrival they found the injured woman lying near a stack of discarded pallets that were on fire.

Randy Scott Vanderveer of Pasco was arrested and is facing an investigative hold for 2nd Degree Assault and Arson.  Police found the woman, and the pile of pallets on fire near the railroad tracks. Vanderveer allegedly hit the woman in the head, threw her bedroll and other belongings onto the pallets and lit them on fire.

He then reportedly told her "I hope die" and left.  But based upon what police said was her excellent description, Vanderveer was located and arrested.

The investigation continues, the female called him an "acquaintance," but police did not say how they two know each other.

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