Matttawa Police and the DEA conducted a raid last Wednesday that netted two arrests, and the confiscation of 5 pounds of meth, according to authorities.

29-year-old Joaquin Guzman-Gurrusquieta of Mattawa, and 43-year-old Enrique Osoria-Zamora of Kennewick were arrested in the 200 block of 4th Street in Mattawa. Five pounds of meth and two handguns were recovered in the raid. Zamora was arrested on outstanding misdemeanor warrants, while Guzman was found to be an undocumented citizen, and is facing a variety of Federal charges.

Officials say he was previously deported multiple times, only to re-enter the country. Authorities don't believe he was involved in the manufacture of the meth, that investigation continues as to where he got it. But police say this bust puts a significant dent in meth trafficking in the Mattawa area.

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