Kennewick Looking For Artists To Beautify Ugly Utility Boxes
Last year I was on a weekend get away to Coeur d'Alene Idaho and noticed all those ugly utility boxes usually located on the corner of busy intersection were painted with unique art and thought what a great idea, well apparently the City of Kennewick is thinking the same thing and are look…
11 Awesome Examples of Banana Art
The great thing about art is that we can express ourselves in endless ways. Feeling inspired by Grumpy Cat? Paint a detailed portrait of Tardar Sauce-- we won't judge. Or maybe 'Star Wars' gets you all jazzed. Heck, make a Lego scene to reflect those feelings! It's all fun in our…
13 Everyday Objects That Look Like Other Things
You see it too, right? The awesome Terminator face on that...grill? To us it is now and will forever be Snow Terminator. Same goes for all of these other objects that have taken on personalities of their own. They can never go back. They have been permanently anthropomorphized. It's adorable.