Busted Headlight Plus Meth Pipe Equals Trip to Jail
Benton County Deputies didn't specify the location but took a man into custody Monday night after a routine traffic stop.
The 46-year-old man was driving his truck, when Deputies noticed one of the headlights was not working. But during the routine stop, the Deputy noticed a meth pipe not so hid…
Burned Out License Plate Light Dooms DUI Wanted Suspect
So many times, it's small little details that trip up a suspect, or arouse the suspicions of police ending up in a bigger bust.
Thursday night, Kennewick police on patrol near Deschutes and North Fruitland noticed this pickup with a burned out rear license plate bulb...
Big Bust Leads to Apprehenson of Big Criminal! 12 Warrants.
Pasco police have released information about a large arrest they were a big part of.
May 4th, The Pasco Street Crimes Unit was assisting US Marshalls and Union Gap police who were looking for a very wanted suspect in Pasco.
Jaime Miranda, 21, of Pasco was wanted in connection with 12 outstanding warra…

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