Driver on Cellphone Rear-Ends Other Car, Destroys Both
Benton County Sheriff's present a textbook case of distracted driving, with this accident that occurred around 10am Friday morning.
Deputies responded to the intersection of Gap and Johnson Roads, just Northwest of Prosser, and found a woman had slammed into the back of another vehicle at the fo…
Unlicensed Teen Driver Flips Car, Was Looking at Phone
This story stands as a prototypical example of what happens when people use cellphones behind the wheel, especially if they're a teen.
But it's more than that. Wednesday night around 10pm, Kennewick police responded to an accident in the 2200 block of West 8th Place, a report of a rollover …
Library Bike Thief Leaves Behind Cellphone, Cops Find It
It's been four days since the crime, and apparently the suspect is keeping 'radio' or at least cellphone silence.  Probably because he dropped his as he was stealing a bike from the rack at the Walla Walla Library!
Police report they really want to speak with him, especially Offic…

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