Theft, Knife Waving and Spitting on Cops = Jail for Man
Pasco police were busy trying to corral a homeless theft suspect, who ended up in a protective hood because he kept trying to spit on officers.
Authorities released an image of the suspect, who was arrested Sunday morning. 42-year-old Shawn Robin Harmon was identified as the man who entered the Sky M…
Would-Be Drug Peddler Loses Footrace with Cops
Kennewick police apprehended a would-be drug dealer after he lost a foot race Tuesday night.
28-year-old Michael Eller was contacted by police  in the 600 block of North Union, but shortly thereafter decided to run away. An officer spotted him, and recognized him as being wanted on an outstandin…
Man, Woman Duke It Out at Apartment Complex in 3:30AM Bout
Police did not indicate the exact nature of the altercation, but said when they arrived at the scene a man and woman were "fighting." Based on information provided, blows were exchanged and punches thrown.
The call came in around 3:30am Thursday at the apartment complex at 623 North…
No More Chalk Outlines-See Amazing Police Laser Mapping [VIDEO]
Pasco police are not the only ones using these tools. Law enforcement agencies across the country are slowly but steadily converting over to digital scanning tools that allow them to retire the tape measures and chalk outlines.
In this video from Pasco PD, the program is called FARO laser scanning sy…
Cops Dump Donuts, Coffee, Chase Wild Driver Who Hits Tree
Perhaps the perp didn't know officers like to congregate at Popular Donuts in Walla Walla.
Early Saturday morning, the "C" or graveyard shift was meeting at the location for a coffee and comparing notes and information when the sedan pictured here went whizzing by at well above…

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