Dog Tries to Drive Car, Triggers Crash
A Kennewick man is hurt, but will recover fully, after a bizarre crash Tuesday afternoon.
Kennewick police responded to North McKinley and West Albany streets and found the blue car in the photo had slammed into another vehicle after hitting a bystander.
5am Drunk Driver Had 2 Kids on Board During Accident
Thanks to the persistence of the other car involved, a 24-year-old woman was arrested for DUI early Sunday morning after an accident near North Irving Place and West Clearwater Ave.
Around 5:28am, police got a call from a motorist who said they'd been in a hit-and-run accident, they were struck …
Drowsy Driver Sends Hydrant Flying Across Parking Lot
Early Sunday morning, residents who live near Fred's Appliance on Columbia Center Boulevard were jolted when a vehicle veered off the road, slammed into a fire hydrant, and then bounced into the parking lot.
Around 8:10am, police say the unnamed driver of this vehicle had been heading home after…
DUI Driver Destroys Suspension With Infant in Vehicle
Early Sunday evening, Benton County Sheriff's responded to a report of a crash involving a large pickup near Old Inland Empire Highway and Griffin Road.
The driver, identified as Kimberly Rodriguez, had apparently caught her front tires in the large ditch lip seen in picture, then bounced and sl…
3 Cities, 'Too' Many Drinks Equals One Big Busted Driver
An inebriated driver tried to hit a 'home run' by fleeing the scene of a hit-and-run before police showed up early Sunday morning.
Around 1am, police arrive at the 3 City Sports Bar on Columbia Drive, for a report of a drunk driver who was part of a two-vehicle crash...
Drowsy Driver Narrowly Avoids Disaster With Tree
A Kennewick driver could have been in far worse shape after reportedly falling asleep behind the wheel of his car Sunday morning.
Police responded to this home near West Metaline and North Volland streets, after this Ford went through a fence, clipped a tree, and just missed possibly hurting the driv…

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