Biker Can't Handle Corner, Dumps Cycle AND Meth
A motorcycle rider over the weekend found his inability to negotiate a roundabout led cops to finding his stash of drugs.
Late Saturday night, an officer was pursuing and investigating a report of a motorcycle seen traveling at a very high rate of speed...
Impaired Driver Found With 'Injectable' Drugs in Car?
Early Tuesday morning, Kennewick police pulled over a driver on suspicion of being under the influence.
Near Kennewick Ave. and Neel Streets 28-year-old Heather Roebuck was stopped after driving rather erratically. Police said she was under the influence, but didn't say if it was drugs or alcoho…
Whoops! Suspect Leaves Needles, Drug 'Tools' on BFT Bus
Richland police are attempting to ID this guy and locate him, because of what he left on a Ben Franklin Transit bus the other day.
Most of the time, people leave packages, coats, phones and other such items on buses or in cabs, but in this case what was left behind will likely land him in jail...

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