State of Emergency Declared Over Recent Measles Outbreak
In wake of what is considered an outbreak of Measles, Gov. Jay Inslee Friday declared a medical state of emergency. Officials with the Washington State Department of Health say 25 of the 26 reported cases are in Clark County, which is where Vancouver, WA is located--across the Columbia River from Portland...
Is Another Fine Coming to Century Link After 911 Outage?
If the 'tea leaves' are correct, it appears the Washington State Attorney General is possibly considering another suit or complaiint against Century Link. AG Bob Ferguson released information Tuesday, saying the AG's office seeking input and information from people who were impacted by the recent 911 outage that occurred December 27-28, 2018...
New Year’s Resolution? Brighten, Improve Your House Numbers!
Forget losing weight, exercising, eating better, making more money etc. One of the best new year's resolutions you can make is to make your house numbers brighter, bigger and more visible! What?!? The West Richland Police Department and other agencies remind people if you're house numbers are not readily visible, or (especially at night) well lit, they might not be able to respond as quickly in ca
What Are Most of KPD Police Calls About? It Might Surpirse You
Shortly after releasing their July call totals, Kennewick police broke down what the calls pertained to. Now, this is not an exact to the letter list, there are a handful of bizarre calls left out. But this gives you a general idea of why people are calling either 911 or the non-emegency dispatch...

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