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Your Pumpkins Should Be Scary Extreme
Did you ever feel the need to carve a pumpkin eating a baby, or did you need inspiration? Were you looking for something crazy or iconic? For over a decade, ExtremePumpkins.com has been hosting an online pumpkin carving contest that anyone can enter...
10 Awesomely Geeky Jack-o’-Lanterns
We’re self-proclaimed Halloween geeks. But honestly, how can you not be? There are so many ways to celebrate the holiday that by the time October 31st rolls around, our entire lives are defined by creepy stuff and ridiculous garb. Our pets aren’t big fans of the festi…
Pumpkin Carving-To The Extreme
Just a few weeks left til Halloween, and within a week or two many of you will be picking up your pumpkin and carving it.   A lot of folks use the two week window, because after that, they start to frown, collapse, and look like Weird Al Yankovic in costume.