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Franklin County Sheriff's to Start Using Drones Soon
It began before the snow fell, but the Franklin County Sheriff's Department gave its first major public demonstration of drone use Tuesday. This image is from an earlier flight.
The drone flight was done at Fire Station 31 for the public and media, as part of the UAS (drone) program...
Franklin County Sheriff Won't Enforce Controversial Gun 'Ban'
Initiative 1639, perhaps the most controversial (and many say unlawful) piece of anti-gun legislation to ever pass in Washington state, will NOT be enforced in Franklin County.
County Commissioners, led by newly elected Commissioner Clint Didier, have approved a resolution that will support Sheriff J…
Tiredness, Exhaustion Triggers Another Spectacular Wreck
In the latest in what appears to be a growing trend, Franklin County Sheriff's report late last night a driver luckily escaped injury after falling asleep behind the wheel.
This sedan was driving on Highway 395 just South of Eltopia when it left the road, veered over the shoulder and rolled, lan…
Level 3 Sex Offender Arrested for Repeated Reporting Violations
A wanted suspect is behind bars (again) after refusing to report his whereabouts to authorities, and refusing to register as a sex offender.
Franklin County Sheriff's nabbed Alan Reukauf for repeated violations of his parole. He's a Level 3 sex offender who has not complied with registratio…
Shocking Rollover Crash Results in No Major Injuries
Late Tuesday night, Franklin County Sheriff's responded to this rollover crash on Highway 395, near Milepost 30 north of Pasco.
Deputies said the southbound driver lost control, careened off the road, rolled and stopped upside down.
Remarkably, no serious or life threatening injuries were sustained, j…
Who's Car Is This? Franklin County Sheriff's Trying to Find Out
The search is still on for whoever what driving this car, or who the owner is, after it was discovered on the Pasco-Kahlotus Highway Saturday morning.
Around 10:12am, Franklin County Sheriff's were notified of the vehicle, which hit a power pole near mile marker 14, about 14 miles Northeast of P…
Icy Roads Sent 2 Cars Into Ditch North of Pasco
Icy roads are being blamed in part for a collision early Tuesday morning that left 2 vehicles in a ditch, but remarkably, no injuries.
Franklin County Sheriff's say the two vehicles collided southwest of Connell near the intersection of North Glade and Russell Road, a little more than 15 miles N…

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