Fall Means Burning Leaves? Not Til You Check First!
Just a friendly reminder, don't rake up that pile of leaves or yard debris and expect to light up a 'fun' bonfire.
Every fall, it does happen. Folks sometimes get a citation for an illegal burn because they didn't check with the Benton Clean Air Agency...
When Did the Tri-Cities Become So Trashy?
You're going out for your morning walk in Howard Amon. You're taking in the beautiful morning and scenery, then you spot a garbage can with litter and bags of trash not IN the can, but around it! You think, "Are you KIDDING ME!? The can is RIGHT THERE...
See Disgusting Mess Left By Watershed Campers!
I have never attended the Watershed festival at the Gorge so maybe I just don't get it...but I am appalled by the photos I've seen of the aftermath it's completely disgusting that people would leave so much filth and trash behind!
Poop Box: The Best Way to Deal With Holiday Package Thieves
Over the last year or two, there have been stories about people getting 'revenge' on what are called Porch Pirates, people who steal delivery packages from people's porches.  According to  numerous sources, including Pemco Insurance, authorities are calling this new breed of…

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