Late Night Revelers-Shooters Hit a Nearby Home With Bullet
Benton County Sheriff's plan to increase patrols in the Lost Lake area, an spot known for partying and off-road enthusiasts, after somebody shooting off a gun plowed a bullet into a nearby home.
Late Sunday night between 9:30 and 10pm Sheriff's Deputies responded to the residence near SR 22…
Richland Police Investigating Shooting Wednesday Morning
Officers were called to the apartments on Hoxie Ave.near McMurray Streets about gunshots.
Around 10am neighbors heard gunfire and called 911.  Police say an argument apparently spilled out into the parking lot, where a man fired shots into the air at the complex, located at 1913 Hoxie...
Teen Shoots 6 with Shotgun at Toppenish Party
Police say that 6 people were shot after a fight broke out at a party outside of Toppenish and someone fired a shotgun. The injuries of the people injured range from minor to serious but none were life-threatening according to news reports...

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