Whoops! Man Burning Weeks Also Torches Neighbor's Home
A Richland resident on Cedar Street will likely face a citation for unsafe burning after a pile of leaves he was torching also ended up scorching his neighbors home, and a car. Plus the fire knocked out power to four other homes.
Late Wednesday afternoon, Richland Fire units responded to the home, wh…
Pot Thief Crashes Mini-Van Into Home, Flees on Foot
Fortunately, no one was injured. But Pasco police are searching for the driver of this mini van, because they had a close encounter with this home, and had obviously stolen pot sitting in their back seat.
Early Thursday morning, officers were called to this home near 20th and Yakima...
Fire Destroys Home in Kennewick
Not much information released, but it appears the majority of a home was either destroyed or badly damaged Wednesday afternoon in Kennewick.
Fire crews responded to the home in the 8000 block of West Hood, for a report of it being on fire. No ...
Coyote Makes Himself at Home in Kennewick Residence
Animal Control had probably one of their more unusual calls Monday afternoon, when they were dispatched to a Kennewick home and found a young, scared coyote.
Authorities say the homeowner found the young pup curled up next to a large houseplant...
Imagine if Alexa Ran EVERYTHING In Your Home? It's Coming
Most of us use Alexa, or other similar platforms, to listen to music, get weather, maybe some have the lights and door locks programmed.
But the folks at Amazon don't want to stop there. Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, recently unveiled what's called the Amazon Experience Center...

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