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$15 Minimum Wage Challenge Turned Away by State Supreme Court
The Washington State Supreme Court has rejected a challenge to Seattle's $15 minimum wage law. The challenge was brought by the International Franchise Association and five fast-food franchises, saying the law treats them like large multi-state corporations instead of locally-owned chains.
Fast Food Chains Turning to Automation to Fight $15 Minimum Wage
It was only a matter of time. There's been a lot of rumbling over the last couple of years, especially since a number of labor unions, and other groups, have been pushing for a $15 minimum wage. A number of cities, including San Francisco and Seattle as well as others, have adopted it. Some cities a…
$15 Minimum Wage Rallies Actually Attempt at Unionization
Newstalk 870 reported on what is being called the "4-15-$15 Rallies" Wednesday in Spokane, Yakima and Pasco, with a video showing a meager turnout at the McDonalds on Court Street. But new information released by the Freedom Foundation shows the REAL motivation behind these rallies…

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