Popular Richland Movie Showings Moved From Howard Amon
Richland city officials admit the July 4 shooting was one of the reasons why this popular outdoor public movie series is being moved.
Weather is one reason, as there are expected very hot temps to go with wind this Friday. The other is the July 4 shooting that took place when two groups of people cla…
Here's Why You Must See 'Rogue One' this Weekend
For any Star Wars geek, you've been planning on seeing the new story 'Rogue One' for months now (maybe even a year). And without any spoilers let me tell you that you're going to LOVE it! I swear the film last night and was not let down...
Catch Up on the 6 Most Re-Watchable Movies Ever
I've always had a hard time making a purchase of a movie I've seen in theaters or rented previously. Will I watch it enough to merit the $20 loss?
These movies are some of the most re-watchable movies of all time. (Okay, I included some trilogies, but how could I not?!)

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