road rage

Yakima Police Spokesman On Leave After Road Rage Allegations
The Public Information Officer (PIO) for the Yakima Police Department has been suspended for his role in an alleged road rage incident from this summer.
Mike Bastinelli, Yakima Police PIO and former local talk radio show host, is accused of following and harassing another driver after reportedly seei…
New Study Shows WHY We Get Road Rage
No, we're not channeling our inner Kyle Busch or Dale Earnhardt. Blame road rage on what's called 'lizard brain.'
According to PEMCO Insurance and AAA, a new study shows the reason so many people engage of acts of aggression when behind the wheel is primal...
Moses Lake Woman Shot in Head Drives Herself to Hospital
A 21 year old Moses Lake woman was shot in the head from unidentified persons in a car that suddenly began tailgating them and then started shooting. The woman sustained minor injuries described as a graze to the head. Police originally got reports of two cars driving fast and gun shots near Lybbert…
Only You Can Stop Fast Lane Abuse
One of the most infuriating experiences when driving is other drivers' abuse of the fast lane.
Let's take the time to spread awareness of fast lane abuse - a problem that affects countless people.

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