Teachers Reach 'Tenative' Agreement with Kennewick Schools
After lengthy negotiations and bargaining, it appears there's now an agreement between the Kennewick Teachers Union and the Kennewick School District.
Late Tuesday night, this message was posted on the KEA (Kennewick Eduation Association) Facebook page:
"After 16 hours, we can finally go…
Hispanic Allegations Bring Changes to College Place Schools
Following an 'emergency' type of meeting of the College Place school board a number of changes have or will be implemented for the school district just outside of Walla Walla.
The meeting of predominantly Hispanic parents took place May 30, voicing to the school board a variety of concerns …
Proposed Initiative Would Allow Armed Officials in WA Schools
If a Navy veteran gets his way, and this initiative is passed, there could be options for schools when it comes to arming certain personnel.
Initiative 1621 is in the process of being spread across the state, supporters are seeking the 250,000 signatures needed to place it on the November ballot...

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