Watch Spectacular Hydro Crash at Seafair! [VIDEO]
This last Sunday, the Abert Lea Seafair Hydro final in Seattle was delayed nearly 90 minutes after a spectacular flip by the U-1918 Miss O'Boy Oberto.
The race got under way at 5:30pm, but was red flagged after the boat flipped on the first lap...
Amazon Fires First 'Shot' in Shocking Tax War with Seattle
The Seattle City Council likes to eat it's bread winners, or bite the hand that employs the most people in the city.
On the heels of the highly controversial "head tax" being proposed, Amazon has now halted expansion plans and could likely look elsewhere for a new headquarters,…
Seattle Street Folks Erect "Homeless Mansion" by Space Needle
It's been a growing problem in Seattle for a number of years, but now the issue is getting downright scary, in the opinion of many. This image was shared on a new Seattle Facebook page April 7th.
Ever since former Mayor Ed Murray opened the floodgates and publicly stated (numerous times) that Seattle…

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