Shoe Thieves Save Treads, Speed Away in This Car
Kennewick police are hoping this vehicle will lead them to a couple of shoe theft suspects.
They didn't offer a ton of details, only saying the two men described as Hispanic and in their 20's allegedly took a number of pairs from a store and fled...
New Mandatory Dog Shoe Law Coming to Kennewick - For Winter
Given that we get pretty harsh winters here in the Mid-Columbia, several groups have convinced the City of Kennewick to take bold steps to protect animals, namely dogs.
Starting in 2019, January 1st, a new code will go into effect requiring dog owners to place shoes on their canine's feet when t…
Best Sandals for Summer
This is the time of year where the weather is warming up and you're looking to have less on your feet because of the heat. Check out these brands and styles for an effortless yet stylish look: