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Thief Leaves Stolen Car in Middle of Highway
Benton County Sheriff's say the vehicle has been returned to it's owner, but it could have been worse.
Monday night, Deputies recovered this stolen Toyota Highlander, it had been taken out of Richland two days ago.
Whoever swiped it left it sitting in the middle of a two-lane highway just ou…
Group of Grownups Busted with Stolen Car
Five people are in custody in connection with the theft of a vehicle that the owner had left running, to warm it up.
Kennewick police on patrol near Conway and Bruneau streets around 2:50 AM Friday morning came across this vehicle. It had been reported stolen a few days ago from the 5000 block of Wes…
Stolen Pasco Car Recovered, Suspect in Custody
A car stolen from Pasco that was seen driving around Richland New Year's Day has been recovered, and the driver apprehended.
Pasco police said this 2004 Kia Optima was taken from the 1300 block of North 22nd. in Pasco, it had been left unattended with the engine running...
Hey! Look What Was Found in Canal--Car Stolen in May
If the canal is deep enough, it can hide virtually anything...until fall.
Benton County Sheriff's got a call this week from Irrigation District and other officials, after finding a car at the bottom of a drained canal, at the Chandler Irrigation dam which is just west of Benton City...
Hit-And-Run Suspect Vehicle Also Sporting Stolen License Plates
Early Sunday morning, Kennewick police were called to the intersection of West 7th Place and South Kent about a car crash. It occurred on the backside of the Heatherstone Apartments.
Upon arrival they found this car had crashed into a fence barricade, but the male driver had fled on foot just before …
West Richland Cops Bust 12-Year-Old Joyriders!
West Richland police got a jolt when an officer pulled over a vehicle that had just driven into Flat Top Park, because it was 2am Tuesday morning.  The policeman just wanted to find out who they were and why they were there.
But what Officer Long found was surprising...
14-Year-Old Steals Mom's Car, Crashes Near Elementary School
A 14-year-old Pasco girl could be facing charges after she allegedly took her mother's car without permission, and went on a joy ride with two other teens, ending in a crash near a Kennewick elementary school early Thursday morning.
Kennewick police say the white sedan was headed down 23rd Ave..…

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