stolen truck

Truck Thief Also Nailed for Stealing Owner's Dog
Judging from the picture, the poor dog seems to be saying " hey I was just along for the ride."
Kennewick police apprehended a truck thief, who also stole the owner's dog, after a call came in from the Home Depot Tuesday.
36-year-old Jesus Martinez was in the store with this dog…
Stolen Truck Driver Commits Trifecta of Offenses
So many times we've heard the old phrase, "crime makes you stupid." Well, in many cases, the stupid proceeds the crime.
Kennewick police arrested the driver of this truck Wednesday evening, near Steptoe and Center Parkway.  A sharp-eyed officer noticed it matched the descr…
Crappy Paint Job Can't Hide Stolen Truck from Police
Years ago, I actually rattle canned an old Chevy truck I had, from blue to grey. It was primer, after having sanded it. It took a while, but when done, it pretty much looked grey. In this case, a truck thief apparently didn't realize white over green paint requires more than one quickie coat.