Man Arrested for Child Rape After Victim Tells School Counselor
In this case, a student confiding to a school counselor resulted in a 41-year-old man being arrested for sexual assault.
Kennewick police said Friday Robert Berryhill was taken into custody on 3rd Degree Rape and Child Molestation. The student, according to police, told their school counselor about a…
Student Hit While Walking to School, Reportedly Ran Against Light
Kennewick police are still investigating an accident Monday morning a round 8:30 am, involving a ten-year-old juvenile.
Police say the boy was walking east on West 4th towards Edison and did not stop at the crosswalk. He reportedly ran out into traffic and was struck by a driver who had a green light…
Ki-Be H.S. Student Threatens to "Shoot Up" School, Arrested
Benton County Sheriff's Deputies did not say if the student was armed, or give a lot of details, only that a Kiona-Benton High School student is in custody after a Thursday night online shooting threat.
Authorities say the threat was found after a teacher and a student both reported the threat, …

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