Washington State AG Sues Trump Over Executive Order
However, Attorney General Bob Ferguson failed to recall the 1952 Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952, and it's interesting to note that Trump's predecessor in the White House did a very similar thing in 2011. But you probably didn't hear about it.
Officials Fear ISIS, Terrorists, Could Use Drones to Drop Bombs
Anti-terror experts and officials fear ISIS and other terrorist groups could use off-the-shelf drones to drop bombs, and it's already happening in Syria and Iraq. These drones are the same ones commercially available everywhere, like this one used by Townsquare Media for aerial views at events.
Here’s Why FBI vs Apple Phone Hack Issue Is Important
By now you've probably heard the FBI, armed with a Judge's order, is trying to force Apple to help them hack into the i-Phone of one of the San Bernadino terrorist shooters. There's apparently information in there of national security, say the feds. But it goes beyond just that.

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