Faulty Bike Equipment Pullover Leads to Arrest in Oregon
Many times, people who've been wanted on outstanding warrants have been done in by a faulty tailight, blinker or other mechanical (non-driving) issue. They get pulled over and poof! The officer's computer lights up with arrest warrants.
But in Stanfield, OR this last week, we came across ou…
Wanted 'Biker' Busted for Near-Brawl With Woman
If you're going to harass and get in a fight with somebody, and you've got four outstanding warrants, might wanna do it in private.
Kennewick police apprehended a 51-year-old man who had four outstanding Benton County arrest warrants after he allegedly got in an altercation with a woman nea…
SWAT Swarms Wanted Drug Suspects in Benton City
Surrounded by Benton County Sheriff's and the Regional SWAT Team is how these suspects day ended. One of the suspects is seen surrounded in this picture.
Benton County Sheriffs and the SWAT team served several warrants and busted a number of suspects who were wanted on outstanding warrants Thurs…
Driving Without Headlights Will NOT Make You Invisible to Cops
Early Thursday morning, police on patrol, likely the CAT (Criminal Apprehension Team-they like the dark) noticed a vehicle driving a little suspiciously with the headlights OFF near the 500 block of South Hartford.
A traffic stop was quickly initiated and inside the car police found two wanted felons…

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