Although the DUI penalty is lot stiffer, this guy didn't do himself any favors by slamming a parked vehicle, while driving drunk, then fleeing the scene.

Hitting an unoccupied vehicle and leaving is a gross misdemeanor, punished by anywhere from 0-90 days in jail and a fine up to a $1,000 fine. But it won't help his insurance situation.

Over the weekend, late Saturday night, Kennewick Police responded to a report of a silver Dodge Charger that slammed into a parked vehicle, then sped away from the area of West 5th Street and South Kent.

Hit and run vehicle (KPD)
Hit and run vehicle (KPD)
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Citizens in the area helped Police locate the car, and the male driver (whose name was not released) was booked on DUI charges, and for the hit and run.

Judging from the damage to his own car, he's not going to be driving for a while. The DUI and related costs are going to chew up the auto repair budget.

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