The Grinch may have struck in Whoville, but in Morrow County Oregon, he won't interfere with the holiday.

Morrow County Deputy nabs the Grinch

Our area law enforcement officers have a lot of fun during the holidays, even year-round, with some light-hearted posts on social media.

This one is right up there with some of the ones posted by Pasco Police, who are becoming legendary with their social media shares about stories.

The Morrow County, OR Sheriff's Department (Heppner, OR)  was able to corral the Grinch this week, he was no match for Deputy Royal. No word if the Grinch had any toys on his person when he was cuffed.


Merry Christmas on behalf of all our local and regional law enforcement officers. Wonder if he said, "I'm The Grinch who stole Christmas, and I'm sorry!" 

Video courtesy of the MCSO.


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