A lot of people might think that the Hanford site is the biggest employer in the Tri-Cities but you'd be surprised to find out that there are a lot of other high volume employers in the Tri-Cities.

Who Are The Top Employers In Tri-Cities Washington?

If you have wondered who the largest employers are in the Tri-Cities, we've compiled a list of 18 of the largest employers in the area.

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Here Are The Top 10 Employers In Tri-Cities Washington

You'll be surprised that some of the obvious employers aren't on the list. We don't see Walmart, Amazon, and Starbucks on the list. I'm sure if we were based in Seattle, this list would totally different.

Is The Hanford Nuclear Site The #1 Employer In The Tri-Cities?

According to the website Go2Kennewick.com, here are the top major employers in the Tri-Cities.

The Largest Employers in the Tri-Cities

Here are the top 18 employers in the Tri-Cities

Here's The Surprising List Of The Top Employers In Tri-Cities Washington.

Hanford divided up has a lot of employees but it was surprising to see food processing, manufacturing, and health services on the list.

It's fascinating to see that the major employers in our area weren't the retail services as you'd expect.

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The rich history of Tri-Cities, Washington has been a focus over the years on Jeopardy!

Maybe you were watching the show one night and caught one of the many times Tri-Cities was brought up by the legendary Alex Trebek. From Kennewick Man to Hanford, this is every time Jeopardy! asked a question about Tri-Cities.

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