Most cheaters go to great lengths to hide their affairs, but there are apparently some common slang words they use when talking about their side piece., the dating website for married people (?!?), recently polled its members about the terms they most commonly use to hide their infidelity.

They found people who actively avoid developing feelings for their affair partner say they're "tinmanning," while those who fall in love with their lover are said to be "stealing home."

The acronym NSFS stands for Not Suitable For Spouse, and "fling bling" refers to any jewelry given to an affair partner.


Some other terms: "straycation" which is a vacation taken with an affair partner; "silver spoon" refers to an affair where both parties are senior citizens; and "zippered" refers to developing an emotional attachment to an affair partner without realizing it.

Kittenfishing is similar to catfishing, like when you arrive to a first date, only to find the person has used a profile picture from at least 10 years ago.

A relationship expert says cheaters use collective slang as reassurance that they are not alone in their infidelity.

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And since you're already acting like a dirty dog, this week we learned to be careful about using Uber to move about on the sly, because if your significant other gets on your phone and clicks on the Uber app share rides button, she/he can see all the places you've REALLY been, and not where and what you've actually professed as truth.

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