According to the Social Security Online site, Oliver and Olivia topped the list of most popular baby names in the State of Washington in 2020 (2021 data has not yet been released).

The name Oliver comes from the Latin word olivarius meaning, "Olive Tree Planter". Olivia has a similar meaning, "olive tree" from the Latin word oliva. 428 boys were named Oliver and 422 baby girls were named Olivia in Washington State in 2020. I should mention Oliver and Olivia also mean "kind one" (Old Norse) and "peace" (French).

Liam, Noah, Benjamin, and Henry round out the top 5 boy names and Emma, Charlotte, Amelia, and Sophia for girl names. Some of the least popular baby names in Washington include Sawyer, Angel, Micah, Melanie, Isabelle, and Eloise.

Are there any names not allowed in Washington State?

Washington doesn't have any listed illegal names, just a restriction on the number of characters allowed. 30 characters for first name and 50 characters for middle and last name. I guess they have to be able to enter the name into the state database records. There are some names that are illegal in the United States and those include, Jesus Christ, Messiah, King, Queen, Santa Claus, Majesty, III (three), the "@" sign, and Adolf Hitler.

Illegal Baby Names in Other Countries

It is prohibited to name someone Metallica in Sweden, you can't use the names Circumcision and Robocop in Mexico, 007 and Snake are forbidden in Malaysia, Thor isn't allowed in Portugal, Sex Fruit and Talula Does the Hula in Hawaii are both not permitted as names in New Zealand.

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