While much of the nation was focused on Romney vs. Obama, and then Ryan vs. Biden, another debate took place in Washington State.

Attorney General Rob McKenna is the GOP candidate for governor and former Democratic U.S. Representatives Jay Inslee are both seeking the seat that will be vacated by Gov. Chris Gregoire.

The two candidates squared off Thursday in an event that was carried after the VP national debate and aired on a handful of TV stations across the state.

McKenna, who was one of the first attorney generals to challenge Obamacare, does not support gay marriage, and questions legalizing marijuana -- two issues Washington voters are set to decide this fall. Marijuana possession and growing are still considered crimes at the federal level.

Inslee supports the gay marriage initiative.

McKenna would, if elected, pursue cutting government regulations, laws and taxes that he believes would stand in the way of economic growth. He says Washington has some of the highest business and occupation taxes in the nation.

Inslee's approach would be to create a government agency whose task would be to spur economic growth, but numerous specific details of how the agency would do that have not been made public.

The two candidates, who are close in the polls (virtually neck and neck) will meet again in one more debate prior to the election.