The police report says "tethers," but we're assuming tow ropes because it would take something that strong to do this (or thick rope).

Kennewick Police strongly suspect a burglar(s) who broke into the Ace Jewelry and Loan store at 510 West Entiat around 3AM Thursday morning attached 'tethers' to their vehicle, then gunned the engine and literally tore the doors open.

The same idea as seen in old western movies where a cowboy would use a thick rope attached to his horse saddle to pull the window out of the jail cell and spring his associates.

Police are searching hard, because they say several guns were stolen from the business. Exactly how many is still being determined by checking the inventory. They're also trying to determine what type were taken.

Police didn't say how they knew, but believe the suspect drove off in a Jeep, which is also believed to be stolen. The investigation continues.

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