Mis-marked sign finally fixed by Oregon Department of Transportation, fortunately no accidents reported!

Officials are still trying to figure out how a misplaced detour sign ended up leading numerous motorists onto a one-way street.  In March a paving project required some detour signs near Macadam Ave, so drivers could find their way onto Interstate 5 South.

But the sign arrow mistakenly directed them to turn one block early, leading them into oncoming traffic!  A Portland TV crew from KGW-TV filmed the intersection recently, and saw several drivers turn the wrong way.

Finally, a Portland citizen by the name of Suzie Rotter had had enough. She took pictures of the sign, documented which way it was sending cars, and went to the city. She then got the run-around, from the City of Portland, then to the ODOT (Oregon Department of Transportation) then back to the city. Finally, the ODOT went out to the location and corrected the sign.

It's a miracle, say some city officials, that no accidents occurred there or at least were attributed to the mixup.

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