Around 10 a.m. today a white male about six feet tall and weighing an estimated 250 lbs walked into the Bank of the West branch on Clark Street in Pasco and tried to pull off a robbery. He may have been wearing a fake beard or disguise.

Authorities are still searching for the man and have released his photo seeking the community's help in identifying him.

Pasco Police Department

Police say he did not show a gun, but said he had one. Officers interrupted the robbery with their arrival and were able to safely evacuate everyone from the building. As a precaution, authorities searched the building with the FBI and Tri-City Regional SWAT team. A sniper was positioned on top of the Pasco School District Booth Administration Building. The robber apparently did not get away with any money.

Longfellow and Emerson elementaries plus St Patricks Catholic School and and Captain Gray Early Leaning went into lockdown, as did Pasco High School. The lockdown was lifted around 12:30 p.m.

Authorities continue the search for the man and say he doesn't appear to pose a threat to the community. No other details have been officially released.

We will continue to update as much information as possible.