It's expected to go down to the wire.

The Washington State Primary election held Tuesday saw a very dead even split (so far) for Democratic Party Voters. Biden and Bernie separated by 2,048 votes.

According to election sources, as of 11:34AM Wednesday, the votes were split like this:

  1. Joe Biden 335,498
  2. Bernie Sanders 333,414
  3. Elizabeth Warren 125.093
  4. Michael Bloomberg 113,422
  5. Pete Buttigieg 59,868
  6. Amy Klobichar 31.425

The rest of the candidates such as Gabbard, Andrew Yang and Tom Steyer all had well below 10K.   It's interesting to note that of Washington state's 34 delegates to the Democratic National Convention, they're showing a 17-17 split between Biden and Sanders.  Also, a number of votes came in for candidates who had dropped out, but their names were still on the ballot. Some of this comes from people filling out and sending in ballots before their choices left the race.

We will continue to update as more results are released.

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