The national story with Tyler Perry and Kid Rock paying off layaway for folks has been reported but something magical happened in Walla Walla as well.

A "Santa" appeared and paid off the layaway for 53 families at Wal-Mart.

The texts went out the families who thought it was an error that their layaway had been paid in full but the store assured the families that it wasn't a hoax and their bills had been paid.

The "Santa" in question is a former Walla Walla resident Dwayne Clark, the CEO of Aegis Living.

Clark was interviewed by phone who said that he'd grown up very poor and this was his way for paying it forward.

It looks like a wonderful Christmas for 53 families in the Walla Walla area and it again proves that good people are still out there doing good works for others.

You can check out the complete story on Walla Walla's "Santa" right here 


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