The Walla Walla County Sheriff's Office says if you get an email from them claiming you're being evicted from your home or apartment, it's bogus.

Authorities say in the last week, they've received a number of calls from citizens in the county, saying they received notices of eviction. The process can only be stopped if the tenant 'pays' a sum of money to the 'landlord,' but it is actually the scammer.

The email contains a letterhead claiming to be from the Walla Walla County Sheriff, and strangely, the money can only be paid on the day the actual eviction is to take place.

This email has been making the rounds in Walla Walla County (Walla Walla Sheriff)



"Give it the old smell test. If it stinks, or appears phony, it is." they said.

The sheriff's office encourages anyone to call them immediately if they receive any questionable emails, texts or calls.

The Sheriff's office will NEVER attempt to evict anyone via email, and they remind people the process usually takes some time even if you were facing eviction. Numerous official legit notices are issued, but that's NOT the case here.