If you want to make a difference, are tired of feeling like you don't have a voice, or just want to serve, the City of Pasco is seeking citizens to serve on at least 11 different boards and commissions.

Officials are encouraging people to apply to be on boards, everything from Civil Service and Code Enforcement, to the Housing Authority and Planning Commission.

The deadline for applying is February 22nd, you don't have to be an expert in any certain area, just a willingness to learn, participate and do some work. Start by clicking here to be taken to the City website, where there's all the information you need and to apply.

Maybe you have a passion to make the city parks the best they can be, or you feel the code enforcement system needs input. Get the information, apply and get involved!

(If you're accepted to Code Enforcement, bet that will get your 'messy' neighbor to clean up their yard!)

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