Late Tuesday night two suspicious persons got the 'attention' of Walmart shoppers and workers, enough so they called police.

Officers arrived at Walmart after the pair had left, but they were soon located at the nearby McDonalds. The two people, identified at 32-year-old Donald Vololnhausen and 34-year-old Tabetha Sharkey-Vololnhausen, allegedly gave officers false names but were soon identified.

Donald was taken in on an outstanding Department of Corrections warrant, Tabetha for false reporting. In addition, they're likely facing narcotics charges as a variety of drug paraphernalia was found on them as well as narcotics.

A lot more than Happy Meals being consumed these two, apparently. Officers say without the call from the Walmart workers and citizens, the two probably would not have been apprehended. But their behavior was enough to 'disturb' and attract attention of the workers.

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