Just after 1am Tuesday, Kennewick police saw a wanted suspect walking near 14th and South Garfield Streets, and it drew the officers attention as the man was walking out in the road.

If the officer had not slowed down, he would have struck the man. The officer turned on his lights, and using his bullhorn speaker, attempted to have the man walk to the curb and stop.  But he ignored the commands, and kept walking for another five blocks.

This obviously aroused the officer's suspicion, and other units came for backup. At that time 32-year-old Carlos Perez was detained and arrested after he became aggressive, combative and tried to fight with the police. Minor injuries were sustained by one officer in the scuffle.

Officers scuffle with wanted suspect (Kennewick police)
Officers scuffle with wanted suspect (Kennewick police)

Drug items were found on Perez, including a meth pipe. He was arrested for possession, resisting arrest and assault on an officer. Turns out he was also wanted on an outstanding warrant, which is why the police were going to take him in.


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