Although Florida asked to be exempted, many other states are welcoming the Trump Administration's plan to expand offshore oil drilling along the U.S. coasts, in an effort to gain more energy independence.

However, Attorney General Bob Ferguson announced Monday if the Federal Government does not remove the Washington coast from the offshore plan, he will file a lawsuit. It's no secret that Gov. Jay Inslee (Ferguson's boss) has pursued environmental causes more than any other governor, often at the cost of economic development say his critics. Now, claiming Washington meets the same criteria as Florida, Ferguson doesn't want in on the plan.

Ferguson said in a release Monday:

"If.....the Department of Interior seeks to put Washington's coastal communities at risk my office will initiate litigation to protect our coast."

Reportedly State officials have teamed up with several Indian tribes and alleged 'coastal businesses' in opposition to the plan. However, according to an informational piece done by Oregon Public Broadcasting, such offshore gas and oil drilling would likely result in at least 32,000 jobs in Oregon and Washington's coastal counties.  Such counties as Cowlitz and Grays Harbor would benefit, as they have well into double-digit unemployment rates.

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