How much do you think you know about finances?

Most people might agree that they have a pretty solid grasp on the subject, while others may feel intimidated by the mention of the word.

No matter your stance, Champlain College's National Report Card on Adult Financial Literacy has given Washington State a B-.

We barely hang onto that grade at an 80.62%, so unless we make some changes we could soon fall down to a grade of a C+ or even lower.

Looking a bit closer, Washington holds a B+ in credit, a B in Saving and Spending, and a B- in Protect and Insure. On the lower end of the spectrum we see that we only have a C+ Retirement Readiness and an embarrassingly low D- in Financial Knowledge.

I think it's time that we start paying a bit more attention in our Consumer Economics course at school or begin doing some serious thinking about how well prepared we really are. Even if you are out of school it is always a good idea to do some extra research on topics like this that can seriously impact your entire life.

For now we can feel accomplished, knowing that we are better off than states like Mississippi who has an F and Alabama that has a D, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't work harder and strive for that A+!

Let's all try a little bit more to have a better understanding in finances, and maybe when the next test rolls around we can prove that we made some positive progress!

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