There's a lot of stupidity in the world right now, and I'm not just talking about politics or arguments for and against masks and vaccines. It's like when you see a little tiny sticker on the new chainsaw you just bought that says, Danger Do Not Hold The Wrong End of A Chainsaw. The reason this sticker is on there is that at some point, somebody held the wrong end of a chainsaw and cut their hand off. So to save themselves from any additional lawsuits, a warning sticker is applied. The same goes for the warnings over and over about leaving children and pets in hot cars. Here's another good one, don't drink and drive. You may have heard this saying before. The reasons not to drink and drive or many. Most of them have to do with permanent maiming or death. But since people won't listen to warnings or use common sense, the state of Washington has decided to increase DUI patrols between now and Labor Day.

It's amazing to think that fatalities and serious injuries due to impaired driving actually increased over the past year, and that's with fewer people on the roads due to covid restrictions.


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