If you wish to watch the Royal Wedding--get out the Rock Star and Gatorade..it will be at 1am our time.

British columnists at the guardian newspaper have noted in their research and study of the Royal Wedding here in America, that according to a CBS/New York Times poll, 68% of Americans either don't care about it at all (38) or have only a passing interest.  Only six percent could be described as "actively" interested.   So why the media crush?  It's because they perceive it to be a bigger deal than it is.  Richard Adams of the Guardian notes that the snore factor is due largely to a lack of "fairy tale" quality to this wedding, as opposed to Charles and Diana several decades ago.  But if you ARE going to watch the nuptials live, you will need to stay up late.   and ABC does plan to air, reportedly, 20 hours of total coverage.  So be ready perhaps for some of your soap operas to be pre-empted for William and Kate.