Where's A Great Place In Kennewick To Get Chinese Food?

One of Kennewick's well-known restaurants is reopening after closure in November of 2021.

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China Cafe Closed In November Of 2021

If you like a happy ending story and good eats, you'll be pleased to know that a popular Kennewick restaurant that had to close its doors in 2021 is reopening at a new location.

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We originally reported in October 2021 that China Cafe on 395 in Kennewick was closing its doors after 40 years in the old Pizza Hut.

Graze is set to take over the old China Cafe location on 395 but the China Cafe will reopen at a brand new location in the near future.

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According to an article from KEPR-TV, the China Cafe is set to reopen in the Marineland Village.

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google maps

The article says that the Marineland Village owner confirmed that the China Cafe will be a new tenant at 202 E. Edison in Kennewick.

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google maps

China Cafe's owners also confirmed that an active lease was in place and that the China Cafe has applied for a new construction permit.

When Will The China Cafe In Kennewick Reopen?

If you are a fan of the China Cafe, you'll be pleased that one of your favorite Kennewick restaurants is coming back. You can read more details about the reopening here.

The news of the China Cafe is great news and if you love Chinese food, we've got a list of the Tri-Cities' favorite Chinese restaurants that you can check out and enjoy.

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