With the incessant heat dragging on, people are starting to wonder. Ok, living in the Tri-Cities we're used to dry hot weather. But will we break the record for consecutive days at or over 100 degrees?

According to the weather folks at KNDU-TV, our news partner, it appears very likely. In simple terms, high pressure is what pins weather to the ground. Doesn't allow for flow, wind, rain, patterns.  KNDU's Monty Webb and his experienced crew say our ridge of high pressure is slowly getting stronger.

They're predicting at least through next Tuesday, well over 100. The all-time Tri-City record for hitting or exceeding 100 degrees happened from August 10-20 in 1967. Ten days. The next closest? 2015 with 7.

If their forecast holds through the weekend, into Monday, records will be shattered.

So, don't be surprised when that old record gets broken!  The good news? They're predicting cooling middle to late next week.

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