A West Richland man is in custody after pointing a knife at an employee at Autobahn Car Wash in Kennewick.

23-year-old Joseph Mceneaney of West Richland is facing a 2nd Degree Assault felony assault charge after he allegedly pointed a knife at a worker at the Autobahn Auto Car Care Center on Clearwater in Kennewick Sunday.

Mceneaney went to the wash to get his 1993 Camaro cleaned, but when he tried to use his mother's credit card, he was told he couldn't do that. When told his ID didn't match the name on the card, he reportedly told the worker, "I ain't f-ing around" and pointed a knife at employee Mandy Ratsch.

She processed the card, and he left. Then for reasons unknown, Mceneaney returned to the car wash Monday afternoon and was promptly arrested by Kennewick police.

(Photo courtesy of KNDU-TV)