The issue has been simmering since March, but now West Richland residents are taking to a sign up petition to stop the launching of a pot store that's technically 'in-town,' but NOT part of the city.

According to sources, including KNDU-TV, the owner of the pot store license originally had a Prosser address, then requested a change. KNDU-TV reported last week the store met the criteria as far as Benton County was concerned. It had the proper land ownership, zoning and business licensing in place.

However, the City of West Richland has asked the State Liquor Control Board to revoke the license, on the grounds that the store would be located within the 1,000 foot requirement for stores near schools, playgrounds and daycare facilities. The proposed store, to be called The Garden LLC, would be about 875 feet away from a daycare. The reason it could be technically located 'inside' the limits is because that parcel of land is unincorporated, it's overseen by Benton County-not the city.

However, citizens are upset with what they say is lack of information and communication, and a few days ago they began to seek signatures on a petition to overturn the idea.

Saturday morning, they held a petition signing drive on Meadow Mountain Road, according to They report the proposed site is 150 feet from a preschool, and across and down the street from a church.

The City of West Richland has already voted to ban such business, much like Kennewick, Richland and Pasco. That's why the owner, who's name was not released, was setting up on the unincorporated piece of land.

Some opponents say it's incompatible with the homes, daycare, and other infrastructure already in place. Others say there's going to be dangerously increased traffic. Still others say it's too close to bus stops. And finally, many object to having marijuana related activity in their neighborhood.

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