A real wow from Walla Walla and the WWPD Facebook page. It's so random, it almost looks like the driver was trying to accomplish the outcome. He was not. Read 'em and weep:

On 11-8-2019 at about 7:12 pm, Police were called to the area of Fern and Tietan for a loud crash and a male running from the area. As units arrived, they located an unoccupied Jeep Cherokee partially into a garage of a residence and sitting on top of another vehicle. Following some investigation, a male has been identified as the driver and has been contacted by Police. The driver of the suspect vehicle is currently seeking medical attention. No other parties were injured during the incident.
The suspect vehicle appeared to have been traveling east on Tietan at a high rate of speed when it failed to stop at the intersection, leaving the roadway, striking a large boulder and getting launched into the air. The vehicle ultimately landed on the homeowners vehicle, pushing both vehicles partially into the attached garage.

Look again-

Walla Walla Police Department Facebook
Walla Walla Police Department Facebook

But but but....how?

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